Enforcement - Expert Witness

Enforcement/Expert Witness


In order to be a fully-rounded Planner it is advisable to have experience not only in development management and policy work but also in enforcement. A thorough understanding of the processes enables a Planner to best serve their clients' interests.




Richard served the first Discontinuance Order to grant Planning permission for minerals operations in the UK. This action brought a previously unregulated quarry into the Planning system creating certainty for both the operator and the Authority.


He also served the first Modification Order in Nottinghamshire prior to the review of mineral workings in order to impose restoration conditions on a historic waste operation.


He has represented clients in receipt of temporary stop notices which resulted in a solution that is mutually acceptable to the Mineral Planning Authority and the client.


Expert Witness


Richard has given evidence to Inspectors in enforcement proceedings in relation to both planning appeals and an application for a CLEUD. He has also provided written statements within the Judicial Review process.



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